Fifty Shades Darker by EL James

Join Ana and Christian as the tale continues in the second book out of the Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy.

Ana Steele, an Assistant to Editor Jack Hyde; embarks on her new career alone; however, when Mr Grey approaches Ana with a different contract, how can she resist?

From psychotic ex-submissive, to crashing helicopter; this book will have you constantly hanging and when Grey is forced to deal with his demons a whole new can of worms begins to open up!

Why I adored this book

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book and I even think this is better than the first. It is more action packed and EL James manages to keep your interest up.

I liked learning about the different character and watching them evolve. Ana in my mind is a strong character, someone to stand up to Christian. Learning about Christian past brings the character to life a bit more.

One of my favourite parts is the emails; I love the banter that they have between them and my favourite line which I hope to use one day is: “You don’t have the power to do that Christian, do you?”

What I did not relish

There was a lot of action in this book and it occurred in a short space of time. I guess it seemed a little bit unrealistic and in reality, it should have happened over a longer period of time; however, as my lovely husband points out thing happen in films that are unrealistic and my response is to him “It’s just a film.”

I can’t believe Mr Grey bought a SIP, the place where Ana works – I think that is a tad over the top, although this may be a reflection of his character.

Again the naughty parts began to bore me a bit, however, this time around it seemed there was a bit more variety to it so I didn’t mind it so much in this one.

Also, there appeared to be a lot of repetitive eye rolling, threatened to be spanked and declaring undying love for one another. It started to get on my nerves a bit as I already knew how they feel about each other and although we know Christian struggles with his feeling, we the reader can see what is happening.

How this book could have been improved

I would have liked to see more of Ana’s friends, as she seemed to have abandoned them apart from Kate who was on holiday. I think it was quite weird for Kate boyfriend to join her on holiday when they’d only just met as well – it was only for two weeks, couldn’t they wait?

It is also rare for two best friends to find love together, although it can happen Christian sister wants to get together with Ethan? Isn’t that a bit weird? Bordering on incest – ok I know it’s not as they are not related but it just seems incredibly bizarre to me; especially if Kate and Elliot get married.

And what has happened to Jose? I would have thought Ana and Kate would have stayed in touch via email or phone; she seems to have cut him out of her friendship circle; if Jose made Ana uncomfortable then she didn’t show it.

Therefore without the action, realistic or not the book would be boring! The storyline was very enjoyable and kept me thoroughly intrigued.

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