Divergent by Veronica Roth

I bought the Divergent books from The Works in my local town, they were recommended to me and as it had been made into a film I thought it’s bound to be good.

I started off reading with great promise but once I got to a certain part of the book my imagination halted, unfortunately, I could not read any further perhaps it was too similar to the Hunger Games book? However, on a more positive note, I decided to buy the film as it was on offer; here I understood the book a lot more and although it was good I am not racing to see the next one.

The main character is a young girl called Trish and when they are 16 they have to choose whether to stay within their faction or whether to move on; a heart breaking decision for any person. Tests are undergone to advise them which faction are the best however Trish was found to be “Divergent” and is told to tell no one as the head of the all the factions are scared of Divergent.

The storyline itself is different; however we are told that it is located to Chicago but it is rundown and therefore not familiar to us. According to sources as you read on through the trilogy you find out what is beyond Chicago.

Therefore I would not recommend this book to others as I did not find it engaging at all. I struggled a lot when reading this and could not get my head into it. The writer does not engage me at all. (sorry Veronica Roth)

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