Ma’am Darling 99 Glimpses of Princess Margaret

 If you have enjoyed watching the recent series of the Crown like I have, then this book may be for you. Princess Margaret is indeed an interesting character and I was curious as to what tales the book may hold.

Princess Margaret is the sister of our Queen; Queen Elizabeth II. Although she was very fortunate in her position and often craved for her sister’s position, it also came with great sacrifice; for example, she had to give up her relationship with Group Captain Peter Townsend.

Princess Margaret went down the sad route of drinking and chain smoking.  Craig Brown gives us an insightful account of her life; with accounts from people that know her, through newspaper stories and other ways.

Sadly, I am very disappointed with this book. I was attracted to the cover and title, which stood out well.

 After watching the Crown, I thought the book would include many interesting tales and would be able to tell us what Princess Margaret is really like.

I was fascinated by the first page of the book, which had statements which Princess Margaret had given, for example, the reason why she did not marry Group Captain Peter Townsend; which I found quite interesting. However there does not seem to be a structure to the book, I thought it may have started with Margaret’s life from a young age and progress up to present but the novel itself seems all over the place.

The pages tend to summarise and the stories are not from the greatest source as they are from people who knew her.

Unfortunately, I would not recommend this book and would give this a 3/12 as it is quite well written.

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