The Couple Next Door

Cynthia is throwing a party for her husband Graham, adults only; no children allowed.

When Anne and Marco’s babysitter called to cancel at the last minute, Anne was fine with staying at home but Marco insisted that she should come to the party.

‘Remember what the doctor said.’

Marco explains that he and Anne are just next door and that they could take the baby monitor, as well as taking it in turns to check on baby Cora, which they did.

At 1:30 pm the couple retreated to their home to find the front door ajar and baby Cora has gone..

Who has taken Baby Cora? No one else knew that Marco and Anne had left her alone.

Detective Rasbach is on the case and he has his suspicions, he sees many cases like this and trust his instincts but is he right?

This book began as a typical psychological thriller, however, at first, I thought that the storyline had unravelled a bit too quickly for my liking.

Halfway through the book, we find out what has happened to Baby Cora BUT it is not. The author leads us into a false sense of security, so when we think we figured it all out, she turns the tables on us!

I won’t give any spoilers away so you will have to read the book but😊 I will say there are a couple of OMG moments.

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