A Place Called Here by Ceceila Aherne

Ever since Jenny-May Butler went missing, Sandy has been obsessed with finding mislaid things, so much that she ends up running a missing person’s agency.

Jack Ruttle’s brother Donal has been missing for over a year, desperate to find answers he enlists Sandy to find Donal. Through late night phone calls, Jack and Sandy’s relationship begins to develop but when Sandy fails to turn up to their arranged meeting, something did not sit right with Jack.

When Jack finds her phone, wallet and personal belonging he starts to worry and tracks down immediate family and friends, who all say that this is normal ‘Sandy’ behaviour. Jack, on the other hand is not convinced, can Jack find Sandy and is she ok?

Sandy finds herself in a place that she does not recognise, she is indeed ‘lost.’

She befriends a lady called Helena, who catches Sandy’s eye and it turns out Helena has been missing for 40 years.

Sandy has finally found it, the place where all the missing and lost items and people go. A place no one can leave… Will Sandy’s obsession help her get back home? Will she reunite families?

This book for me has so many unanswered questions, for example, the place where the missing things go – what is this place? Is it heaven or a parallel universe?

It surely is an interesting book, which at first, I was a bit unsure about. I was beginning to get bored when the storyline took an interesting turn, that kept me reading on to the end.

I also find that Ceceila describes very well but they are a bit long, but it does help to build the scene.

I found the ending a bit abrupt and felt that there was room for quite a few chapters, however, perhaps that was the author’s intention? It does lay good foundations for a sequel.

I rate this book 10/12 as it is a very well written with an interesting storyline, but for me, they are many questions that need to be answered.

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