Roald Dahl is 102!

Happy Birthday Roald Dahl

Well, I could not let this day go past, without celebrating one of the most talented, creative and famous author that is Roald Dahl! And today he still seems as popular as he was when I was growing up.

Born in 1916 in Wales to Norwegian Parents, Roald would be 102 today!  Woo! Time to break out the champagne, party poppers and get our boogie on.

Roald Dahl began life in Wales, his Dad had emigrated from Norway in the late 1800s.

His childhood wasn’t the best when he was 3, his 7-year-old sister died and weeks later Dahl’s father died. He continued to live with his mother in Wales as it had been his Father’s wish to be educated in England.

School Life

Dahl showed his mischievous side at the age of 8 where he was canned by the headmaster for putting a dead mouse in a jar of gobstoppers; the owner whose name was Mrs Pratchett was apparently mean.

Eventually, Road Dahl was sent to a boarding school in Weston Super Mare, where he had a horrible time and in 1929 he moved to another school in Derbyshire, where he witnessed cruel behaviour and bullying.

In fact, this is reflected in his books; for example, they are written from the point of view of a child who is being bullied by the villainous adult. A lot of his experiences became inspirations for his beloved books.


Roald Dahl did not embark on his writing career until later in life,  his career as a writer did not start until the 1940s – previously he had served in the RAF and as an Intelligence officer during the war, where he rose to acting wing commander.

First Book Published

Roald Dahl’s first book was published on the 1st August  1942. It was called  ‘A Piece of Cake’ which was about wartime stories but it was not a children’s book. In fact, his first children’s book was called ‘Gremlins’ and it was published in 1943.

After then Dahl went on a creative spur and created many stories that we know and love today including Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, The BFG, Fantastic Mr Fox, Danny The Champion of the World, The Twits and plenty more.

Screenplays and Other Works

Although we knew Roald Dahl as a children’s author, he also wrote some adult books too, his most famous one being ‘ The Smoker!’ He also wrote some screenplays for the James Bond film  ‘You Only Live Twice.

During his lifetime Roald Dahl has achieved much success, not just for writing books – he briefly wrote and hosted a science fiction and horror programme called ‘The Twilight Zone’ and other screenplays amongst other things.

Sadly he died in 1990 but his legacy will still carry on, his had 5 kids and one of them is an author and his granddaughter is Sophie Dahl the model.

Happy Birthday, Road Dahl! Thank you for the memories.

What is your favourite Road Dahl Book?

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