Noughts and Crossed By Malorie Blackman

Callum is a Nought, Sephy is a Cross; the two of them become best friends in a society where they should not be.

It’s simple really Crosses and Noughts do not mix, they stick to their own and if they mix then trouble brews.

The Crosses tend to rule the world, while the Noughts stand by reluctantly, for example, Noughts were not allowed to go to school until recently.

Sephy is the daughter of a powerful politician and never has to worry about money again. Callum is just a lowly nought, scraping by

As the years go by, Sephy and Callum’s relationship turns into passionate love. In a world where Sephy and Callum would be looked down upon and penalised for mixing, they are determined to be together.

But when the bomb goes off and Callum’s family are blamed, what will Sephy do? Will she stand by him? What length will they go to, to be together?

As fighting increased between the Noughts and the Crosses there is only one thing that could happen…

When Malorie Blackman wrote this book, she was angry at how the Stephen Laurence case was handled and how as a black person she was treated. These were just a few factors that made her write this book.

It is a different and great storyline which shows how horrible people can be.

The chapters are short and sweet but that’s ok, sometimes chapters can be too long. The book is 443 pages long, a great length.

I love the way the chapter alternate, and we get to hear what life is like for both Sephy and Callum, despite their differences we still feel sorry for the both of them as Callum and Sephy have different difficulties.  We are desperate for them to be together and just when we think that is possible, something happens that drives them apart.

We are also angry at their parents for letting such differences happen, something needs to change! What Sephy and Callum cannot understand is why the Noughts and the Crossed do not get on, surely there is a way.

I read this book when I was in my teenage years and I have enjoyed revisiting Noughts and Crosses. I remembered that it was a good book but a sad one.

This book is a Young Adult and it is suitable for children aged 12 and over. However, you may want to give it a read first to check whether you think it is ok for your child as some can be quite sensitive.

In the end, Sephy has to make a hard decision, which path will she choose? Let me know if you thought that Sephy had made the right decision!

Noughts and Crossed is 1 of 4 books, so if you have enjoyed the book and would like to carry on the journey, the next book is called Knife Edge by Malorie Blackman, enjoy!

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