The Sister by Louise Jensen

Charlie and Grace have been best friends since Charlie moved into the area. They have a lot in common as Charlie lives with her Mum and Grace with her grandparents, together they were inseparable.

Until one day Charlie left a note and left

‘I have done something terrible Grace, please forgive me.’

Grace lay pondering wondering what it was that Charlie meant, what had she done? Sadly Grace never got the chance to ask as Charlie died.

After Charlie’s death, Grace discovered that she wanted to track down and find her Dad. Setting up a Facebook page with help from Dan (Grace’s boyfriend and Charlie’s friend) Grace tries to make it a reality.

Both hit the jackpot when a reply came through, and they immediately bonded. Her name was Anna, her father had died, and she needed a place to stay. Immediately Grace moved her in but is there more to Anna than meets the eye? Could it be a coincidence that strange things begin to happen once Anna moves in?

Soon Grace’s life is out of control and she does not know how to stop it, her cat goes missing and then she loses her job, what else could possibly go wrong?

What is happening to Grace and does she regain control of her life?

A great psychological thriller, however too much of the book resembles Friend Request. If I had read The Sister first, I might have felt differently but it became a bit too predictable for example I knew there was going to be a death and a twist.

Although the book had familiar traits, they followed different paths; so definitely worth a read sometime!


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