The Tattooist of Auschwitz

The True Story of Lale Sokolov

Lale Sokolov nee Ludwig Eisenberg. Was born in Korompa in 1916.

He was a Jew living in Slovakia. Arriving at Auschwitz Concentration Camp, in April 1942. He gave himself in, hoping that his family would be ok. Unfortunately, only his sister survived.

When Lale arrived at the camp he was tattooed with the number 32407.  He could not believe how the Jews were being treated. Some people were randomly shot, killed and starved.

The conditions that they worked and lived in were really poor. 

One day Lale contracted an illness- typhoid.

Lale was not expected to survive.

But Pepan the Tattooist managed to get some medicine. And nursed Lale back to health Without the Nazi’s realising. (If the Nazi’s had noticed they probably would have killed Lale.)

After Lale recovered he was set back to work as the Tattooist assistant. Eventually taking over the role of Tattooist.  When Pepan disappeared for a number of weeks. No one knew what had happened to him.

Lale became busy with tattooing. It was a job that he hated but it came with perks that helped him and other survive. 

Lale did not usually look at the people he was inking but one day something made it him look up. It was love at first sight for Lale, as Gitas eyes shone brightly. As he inked her with the number 34902.

From then on, Lale knew he would survive. His job came with perks, such as extra food rations. Which he would sneak these to his friends and Gita to help keep them alive.

The author Heather Morris tells this great, bravery and courageous story through Lale’s experiences. It took a long for Lale to tell his story to her as he was worried he would get arrested for being a Nazi collaborator. 

Over time Heather and Lale began to build up trust and the story rolled out into this magnificent book. In fact Lale kept his story secret for years, only breaking the story after Gita died.

Through the horrors of the camp, Lale did his best to help others and above all found the love of his life.

So what happened to Lale and Gita? Did they escape? And live happily ever after?

Well you will have to read the book to find out 🙂

A definite read for your reading list!

Now out – Cilka’s Journey. A sequel to The Tattoist of Auschwitz.

Find out what happened to Gita and Lale’s friend Cilka. Did she escape the camp?

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