Children’s Book of Knitting by Usborne Books

Is knitting becoming a long-lost art? Both my Grandma and Mother learnt when they were at school and I could not help but feel a little bit jealous as the items they have made, are gorgeous.

I tried to learn when I was young but as a leftie, it was quite challenging.

My daughter came up to me and asked if I could teach her to knit animals. I had to be honest and say I didn’t know how to knit, which is when I came across the Children’s Book of Knitting By Usborne Books. Usborne is well known for their high-quality books and when I discovered it I jumped at the chance to order it through my friend.

I received the book quickly and my initial impression was that it was good value for money. It came with a book, knitting needles, wool, stuffing and googly eyes. It can be hard to purchase items at a good price but I think £12.99 was worth it.

I could not wait to get started and so I opened the book to read the instructions. The book has a step by step guide, with words and pictures to guide you through. I like this way as it is simple and easy. It took me a bit of time to master the step as I couldn’t fully understand what I was being asked. I had to ask my Grandma and Mum to show me and that didn’t go down well to start with – see my Youtube video:

Once I mastered it I was well away and I was able to create a beautiful, yellow bunny, quite similar to the picture – mine was looking a bit on the thin side!

Therefore, I would recommend the Children’s book of Knitting for ages 8 plus, with adult assistance. It is fun but it did take me about 8 hours. It does help for the adult to have a tiny bit of knowledge of knitting, however, it is like those crisps once you start…

The best place to buy the knitting set is through your Usborne Organiser- it is very likely that there is one in your town or village.

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