Knife Edge by Malorie Blackman

Book 2 of the Noughts and Crosses Series

I couldn’t believe it when I discovered that there had been a sequel to Noughts and Crosses – you are only 15 years too late Louise!

I previously encountered Noughts and Crosses as a teenager and I thoroughly enjoyed it. It was really good to revisit it and it was just as good as I remember.

To be honest I wasn’t sure if there should have been a sequel to the first book. Noughts and Crosses was very good and I felt that a second novel was not necessary.

However I was wrong, Knife Edge worked very well. I kept hoping for a familiar character to return. Here is what the book is about:

Noughts and Crosses do not mix – society says so. The Crosses rule the world and the Noughts tend to live in the poorer area, of course, some Noughts make it into the rich world – how clever of the Crosses to make them think that they have equal rights! But all Noughts know the truth, that they are far from equal.

Sephy was in a Nought hospital, Callum would have wanted that way. Since Callie-Rose had been born, no one had been to see her. It was just Sephy and Callie-Rose, although Sephy did not know what her next move is until she gets an inviting offer.

Jude is working to bring an intruder in the LM down, working alongside trusted Morgan, they hatch a plan but does it go the way they want it too?

Sephy begins to get her life back together at her new house, as a mother and a singer. However, when Jude is accused of a crime he swears he did not do,  Meggie Macgregor breaks down as she worries for her son’s life. The trouble with Jude is that he is on self-destruct, after what happens to his family makes him into someone who is full of hate, he doesn’t feel love, just hate and in a way we feel sorry for him that he is never fully able to lead a natural, normal life; although he did try to build a relationship with his girlfriend Cara until one day she got too close. The only woman that Jude cares about is his mother, who is desperate for Jude to stay alive as he is the last of Meggie’s son.

We feel sorry for Meggie as she been through a lot and lost a lot too, and her only son left is a terrorist. She is desperate to lead a normal life but is grateful to have Sephy and Callie-Rose in her life.

With  Jude’s life on a knife-edge, does he get away with the crime he is accused of or is Sephy forced to reacquaint herself with the past?

I think the sequel was great, it was good to be reunited with some of the same characters such as Sephy, Meggie, Jasmine and many others.

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