Double Cross by Malorie Blackman

The Final Book in the Noughts and Crosses series.


Jasmine and Jude were both killed by the bomb Callie-Rose had made in order to protect Callie from becoming a terrorist.

Jude’s heart had become full of hatred and the only way to save Callie was if he wasn’t around anymore. Meggie was heartbroken but Callie needed to be protected.

However, in book Callie, Meggie and Sephy took a back seat to make room for the lovely Tobey. Double Cross is centred around him.

At first, I was unsure, the series so far had been really good. Tobey had been a background character in the last book – Checkmate and it had a nice ending to it.

To start with I didn’t like Tobey, I thought he was weak but in Double Cross, we see a different side. Although as I read on his motives and reasons for what he did begin to make sense.

Callie-Rose is caught in a crossfire and is left fighting for her life in hospital. Tobey was devastated and instead of telling the police what he knew, worked his own plan to get revenge on the people who shot Callie.

Tobey is young and conjures up a masterful plan to bring them down. It works to an extent but innocent people get caught up in the crossfire.

The Chapters are alternate between Tobey and Callie-Rose, which is quite nice as you get to see what each character is feeling.

Does Tobey revenge plan work? Will Callie-Rose survive?

Once I got into the book, I couldn’t put it down. The storyline at times does seem a bit unrealistic; however, it works, and Tobey becomes a strong leader.

Malorie Blackman originally planned for the series to be a trilogy but Tobey kept pestering her and so Double Cross was born.

Please note that the first book is suitable for young adults, but this book is it. It contains a sex scene and violence, so as always you might want to read if your young adult is desperate to read Double Cross.


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