The Truth About the Harry Quebert Affair

Marcus’s book was a hit, it was a bestseller and he had Harry to thank for that. Marcus now had the life of a celebrity, everyone saying how much they enjoyed his book. The only thing is he seems to have forgotten who his real friends are.

One day Marcus was having a terrible time, his publisher wasn’t being very patient. Marcus had signed a deal for two more books but he began to have writer’s block. Instantly he called Harry for help.

Harry was a college professor and met Marcus that way, he could tell that Marcus Goldman had potential and so he gave him extra writing lessons.

Goldman flew from New York to Somerset and stayed in Harry’s beautiful house, Goose Cove; hoping to find inspiration for his book but nothing came.

Until the remains of a body of a young woman were found in Harry’s garden. Harry is immediately arrested but maintains his innocence. Marcus knew this and weren’t heave and earth investigating, trying to find the real killer and then he found it – Harry had an affair with a 15-year-old girl…

Much to everyone’s annoyance Goldman starts his own investigation, determined to prove that Harry is innocent. Somerset is a small town where everyone knows everyone and dredging up the past on something that happened 33 years ago was not a good idea.

The case was strange, a woman who lived on the edge of a forest, saw a young girl in red being chased by a young man. Deborah Cooper called the police straight away to report this. The girl then turned up Deborah’s house, Deborah called the police again but after she was shot through the heart and Nola had disappeared; her remains were found a couple of miles away. The two police officers on the scene were baffled – no witnesses, no evidence nothing. One woman dead, the other missing. Due to lack of evidence the case was closed for 33 years,

However what Marcus discovers is a trail of deceit, corruption, and secrets that have been buried. Is Harry innocent? Does Marcus find the real killer?

The Truth About the Harry Quebert Affair has a great storyline, one that kept me really intrigued. Just when I thought I figured out who killed Nola – the 15-year-old girl, the author takes the book in a completely different direction and throws me off guard. Turns out I was half right in the end! We meet a lot of lovely people as they talk about their encounter with Harry and what they thought of him.

The book begins with Marcus where we find out about his success and what drove him too it. The book goes back and forth from past the present as Marcus talks about his life and his relationship with Harry until they find the remains of the young girl. This is when we find out about Harry’s life.

During this book, there are quite a few interesting twists. The only downside I would say that the book is very long, over 500 pages. At times it can be a bit too descriptive but that did not put me off – it just took me a little longer to read.

The Truth About the Harry Quebert affair has its chapters start backwards, which is quite unusual, and it has an eye-catching cover.


Therefore, add this book onto your reading list, as it is a great psychological thriller.

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