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I love Usborne Books as they are high quality and keep my children engaged. They might be a little bit pricier but in my eyes, definitely worth it.

My two children are autistic and sometimes getting them to read is a challenge; which is why the Usborne reading series is perfect.

Usborne has a great reading programme designed to help and encourage children to read. Series one is for a beginner, series 2 for the more confident reader and so on.

We have books from the reading series 1 and 2, there are lots of titles to choose from and the sentences are short but sweet; which is just what my children read.

Don’t get me wrong, there are some great books out there but my children struggle with the long sentences.

In books such as Pirate Pat, the idea is that you read one page and then your child reads the other, the words are simple; such as ‘tap tap tap’

The illustrations are also colourful and interesting.

The books we have are

The Wish Fish

A man goes fishing and pulls out a magic fish that will grant him 3 wishes. His first wish was to be rich, his second to be richer and the next one to be even richer. However, the fish saw that the man was being too greedy and took back the wishes, making them poor again. Moral of the story is to not be greedy.

The Genie in the Bottle

A man was fishing when he came across a bottle, he opened it and a genie appeared. The genie had been stuck in the bottle for some time and was rather rude. The man tricked the genie to get back into his bottle.

The Whale and His Throat

One day a whale went around and ate everything, until one day he ate a man. The man jumped up and down and banged around until the whale said he would release him. In the time it took the whale to get to land, the man had made a filter out of his raft and left it in the Whale’s throat. Now Whale would not be so greedy.

The Dragon and the Phoenix

An old tale, a dragon and a phoenix find a pearl. One day it is nicked and the Queen of Heaven took it. The Phoenix and the dragon confronted her but it fell into the river making it shiny. Both the dragon and the phoenix lay around the river to protect the pearl.

The Enormous Turnip

A farmer notices that the turnip has grown massively and thought it was time to take it out. However, it would not come out and he needed assistance from lots of people and animals to help get it out.

Usborne Books has plenty of titles for you to choose them and are designed to help support your child when learning to read.

Usborne books run a great school programme too, for example, if you were to hold a sponsored read at your school, then you could raise lots of money for books for your school’s library!

You can buy the reading level series one and two in a box set, Track down your nearest Usborne Books organiser local to you.

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