Unravelling Oliver

Everyone loves Oliver, he’s kind, caring and successful! His wife Alice is also lovely, together they work very well. Oliver is an author who writes children’s books and Alice is an illustrator. She has illustrated plenty of Oliver’s books. To the outsider, they have a perfect life.

One day Oliver hits Alice when news of this breaks; everyone is shocked. Lovely Oliver hitting Alice, no way! Why did Alice hit Oliver?

As Oliver begins talking about his life, starting from the day he hit Alice, flashbacking to his younger and school years, where we understand who Oliver is and why he is like that.

Unravelling Oliver is a clever psychological thriller,  I love the way that we are getting into the story, a big secret is about to be revealed and then bam, it is stopped by a new chapter and by a new character perspective.

Each chapter is a different person, where we hear their side of the story. How they met Oliver, what they thought of them and their experience. Eventually, they entwine with each other until they make sense.

Unravelling Oliver is quite short for what it is, but it doesn’t harm the book in any way as the story is just the correct length.

I was a tiny bit disappointed with the end as it was big build up, I would have thought he had done something more serious, even though what he did was still very naughty.

Therefore, Unravelling Oliver is a cleverly written psychological thriller, that will keep you entertained; definitely one for your reading list.


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