Cold Kiss by John Rector

Murder Mystery meets Scooby Doo

Nate and Sara are on their way to Regano to get married. On the way, they stop off at a diner, where a man who looks really ill, begs them for a life. He says he will pay them £500 for a lift as he is desperate; the storm is on its way.

However, when they are forced to stop and check in at a motel on the way, they discover the guy who is named Syl did not make it. Nate dumps the body in the forest but gets the shock of his life when 1, they find 2 million dollars in his backpack and 2, when the body is found outside the motel. Syl had dragged himself up from the forest, half-dead but still alive.

Soon everyone at the motel knew what Nate and Sara had done. Syl needed hospital attention but with the storm hitting hard, there was no way that an ambulance was going to make it anytime soon. Will Syl make it through the night and what’s his story? Why does a lonely man have 2 million dollars stashed away?

As it seems that Syl might not make it through the night and everyone agree to split the money evenly; however there is a traitor amongst them. Will they all get out alive?

Cold Kiss was short but sweet. It wasn’t very long but it did not need to be either as it did the job and told the story

This book had a  few unanswered questions, for example, I get the feeling Sara is young as 1, she lists off a reel of things she could do when she was 21 and 2, she is going away to get married to Nate, which suggests the parents do not approve. But the unanswered question for me is that she ended up at that motel for a few days; why did her parents not get worried and send out a search party?

I guess they could have been when she had been at the motel and due to no signal and the storm it was hard but I’m really talking about later in the book. I don’t want to give away too many spoilers so read the book and you will know what I am on about.

Despite this, Cold Kiss was an interesting read. It was a murder mystery that at the time made me feel like I was in the game Cluedo. Cold Kiss was an ok and engaging read.


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