Usborne Craft Kit


Unicorn Embroidery Kit

When my friend posted that Usborne has released some embroidery kit, I knew I had to try them out. They looked really good and would make fabulous gifts for birthdays or Christmas.

The kit comes in a small box with all the parts, included are a needle, 3 lots of different coloured thread, embroidery hoop and the cotton fabric containing the design, and a book explaining everything.

The book contains a step by step guide on how to thread the needle, how to do different stitches and a new one on me was the French knot! Can you tell I don’t do much embroidery?

The design is how it looks in the box and it is a great introduction for children to get started. The book is very simple and the design is quite basic.

I found the instructions very easy to follow, occasionally the thread did get stuck and I had to pull on it a bit harder to get it through but apart from that it all went swimmingly.

Unicorn embroidery kit is suitable for children aged 7 upwards, however, they still need adult supervision as the hoop is slightly fiddly and the needle is quite sharp and even I as an adult managed to stab myself a couple of times!

Although the kit is primarily for kids, don’t let you as an adult stop you from doing some. It’s very basic so you do not have to think about what you are doing and can be quite therapeutic.

Therefore, this kit makes a great gift or treat. It’s simple and easy to use and it is a great way to introduce your children to a new hobby.

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