Minecraft Sticker Book

Recently my daughter had a book fair at her school and if you know me very well you will know that I was very excited!

However nothing really seemed to engage her,( apart from the animal stationary of course) and although the selection was ok, we found it hard to find a suitable book that she and her brother would enjoy.

Then we came across this Minecraft sticker book – definitely, a big hit in the house as my two are mad crazy on Minecraft.

Excited to get it home, the children loved this book. Being autistic books like this are great as they are full of simple activities and facts; for example, amongst the stickering little tips and tricks were told to help us improve our game.

Minecraft Sticker book features pages of endless sticking fun, simply read the instructions (or ask an adult to help) and sticker away. Follow the recipe to create things like fishing rods, find out all about the different potions and characters.

The only thing we found hard was that the stickers were not numbered so it could be difficult to find the correct block/sticker for that specific page.

Therefore, the Minecraft sticker book is good for creative children, plenty of stickers, tiny bit of writing and lots of pages for imaginatively stickering.

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