The Girl Without Skin


Matthew Cave, a budding journalist gets handed the scoop of the century! A man is found mummified frozen in ice!

Matthew’s editor wants him to break the story immediately but a series of events prevents him from doing this for a while and Matthew ends up on a completely different story.

In 1973 four men were murdered, the case remained unsolved and the investigating officer had gone missing.

He receives a note book which contains the notes of the case made by Jakob the investigating officer.

As Matthew delves into the past, the chapters rotate backwards and forwards, telling both sides of the story. We, the readers are desperate to put the story together until eventually everything unfolds.

As the case progresses Matthew suspects that whoever committed the murders was quite high up in the political rank and as he struggles to prove it, an ex convict who agrees to help him, becomes his only hope.

A great story but not for the faint hearted as some of the descriptions are quite gruesome, however I did enjoy this story, I like books who can offer me something different and not the same. The Girl Without Skin definitely delivered.

One of the things that the author does really well is to describe the  Greenlandic area beautifully, it’s like I’m there.

I love the characters, they all seem realistic and some contrast each other very well, for example Matthew and Turnnapaq develop an unlikely friendship. She is stubborn, headstrong and an ex convince wgereas Matthew has a good heart and will do anything for you if you need help. I can also sense chemistry between them

So, is this the end or the beginning for Matthew? Can he solve the mursers before it’s too late?







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