Kissing Frogs by Tori Turnball

Miranda meets Bridget Jones


The Date my Daughter campaign was in full swing on the London Underground, thanks to Kate’s mother.

Kate was horrified, especially as the picture she used was one a mother would love. It wasn’t like she was old, she was only 29, an accountant living in London. Yes meeting a man would be nice but Kate was quite happy.

However to stop her mum from pimping her out or arranging a marriage for her, Kate agrees with her best friend Mark to give dating a proper go.  After all her mother wanted Kate to be happy.

After a few terrible dates Kate wonders what’s the point? She’s kissing all these frogs but no prince has arrived, but is the Prince right under her nose?

I am always sceptical when reviews tell me that a book is entertaining and funny, however Kissing Frogs turned out to be a very enjoyable read.

Kissing Frogs has an element of Miranda vs Bridget Jones, the author made me laugh within the first page of the book, this then kept me engaged to read the whole book.

The plot itself was very predictable but for me I kept reading as I wanted to see how it would pan out and I am very glad I did.

The characterisation was very good, the only thing I would say is that I think the Mark character is a bit over the top and sometimes I felt he could be quite controlling and to in your face. There were occasions when I felt a bit worried for Kate but I knew that Mark had her best interests at heart. I also felt that the author did not mean to write him that way and wanted him to be funny, so we could see what Kate was missing out on.

Therefore, definitely add this book to your reading list.

A lovely heart-warming, funny romance story, great for Winter reading! Cosy up to this book as the nights draw in, with a hot chocolate!


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