Weird War Two by Richard Denham M.J.Trow

Weird War Two is a fascinating collection of mini stories about World War 2. Find out all about how the war started, what Hitler was attempting to do, the minds of some his Officers, which animals took part, spies, secret projects; combined with some funny stories in the mix. For example Britain had invented radar during the war but they did not want to tell the Germans as they could take them by surprise. Instead we told them that we ate lots of carrots, which helped us see in the dark and you know what? They bought it!

Hitler wanted to create an ‘Aryan’ race, where everyone was blonde hair and blue eyed. He hated Jews and planned to get rid of them all, by creating concentration camps, cities were bombed both sides, as well as strange ideas. Although the war was tragic, Richard brings to life the strangeness of World War 2, at time they had some really weird ideas that they thought would work, for example dogs and animals were used as suicide bombers. Of course they tried to train them to run back after they had set the bomb off but it was a hard thing to do.

The novel is not in any kind of order and  the chapters are short but sweet, however that is ok as it flows very well with the book.  It also means that if you want to take a break you can and it doesn’t matter where you are as you can dip in and out easily. The book itself is very well written and it is obvious that the author Richard has done a lot of extensive research. I thoroughly enjoyed reading Weird World 2, as I have a fascination about the war and it was all very interesting.

If you love history or you are just interested in the second world war, then consider reading this book. Richard has bought this book to life with his intriguing stories and some may surprise you of course like this one  – Hitler actually saved a Jew and one soldier could have stopped the war by killing Hitler, however he didn’t know it was Hitler at the time.


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