Time to Refresh by Karen Tyson

When something bad happens to us, such as car breaks down or we get laid off from work; it is very easy to get sucked into negative thinking and why this has happened to us.

When Karen’s work laid her off, she did not dwell on it, instead she turned to God and turned it into a great experience. She wrote this book, Time to Refresh to share her experiences and to help other people in a similar situation.

Time to Refresh is a plan – it is a ’21 days devotional to renew your mind after being laid off, fired or side lined.

Karen Brown teaches us that we should think positive about the experience and that ‘God has a plan.’

The Chapters are divided into 21 sections with a bible quote, where Karen shows us how God has helped her mindset, as well as helping her to think positively. At the end of each part, she writes ‘what are you grateful for today?’ Sometimes it is very easy to lose sight of what we have, therefore we have to be reminded about the good things that we have going in our lives for example a roof over our heads, food in the cupboard and plenty more.

Throughout the book Karen makes some great points, for example she tells you to rest. This of course is very important as nowadays we are so busy, we often forget to take time out for ourselves and can end up burning ourselves out.

Talk to someone – yes, she talks about talking and praying to God but again it is important to talk to someone if you are struggling; whether it is speaking to God, a family member or someone else.

Therefore, this book is a great read, it is a short book at only 68 pages long, however I think this is just right.

Karen talks about her struggles and the good things in her life, she tries to tell us how to make sense of the bad things that happen to us through God and how to turn it into great and positive thinking.

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  1. I agree that perspective can change how you handle a situation. Sometimes it can be so difficult to see the good in a bad situation. This book sounds like it offers genuine help.

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