Strictly Between Us By Jane Fallon

Best friends Michelle and Tamsin are inseparable and are more like sisters than friends, which is why when someone claims that Michelle husband Patrick has a reputation for sleeping around; Tamsin sticks her nose in where it does not belong.

Being close to Patrick and Michelle, Tamsin could not have it out with them, in fact she needed proof and with the help of her assistant Bea they come up with a fool proof plan to trap Patrick – a honey trap.

Tamsin is relived when the woman in the honey trap reports back that Patrick is faithful but when Patrick and Tamsin end up having sex, she begins to question him.

Is Patrick really telling the truth about being faithful or is he putting on a front?

Tamsin is determined to find out as no one messes around with her Michelle -detective Tamsin to the rescue.

I was not sure about this book when I started reading as typical romances are not my thing, however I thought this book deserved to be tried and the more I read it, the more I got into it.

There are a few characters that are developed well.

Tamsin – a single lady who works in tv production

Michelle – the doting wife who adores Patrick and would like a family with him.

Bea – Tamsin assistant and close friend who Bea would do anything for, or would she?

Patrick – Also works in TV, wife of Michelle who he loves.

Despite being a romance book, Strictly Between Us had many twists and turns, including the ending. In fact, the ending niggles me a slightly but that is probably the sign of a good book!

Some of the chapters are told from another point of view and when this is done it fills in some gaps very well.

Strictly Between Us is a great read and I would recommend it.

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