The Seven Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle by Stuart Turton

Evelyn Hardcastle is going to die at least 7 times; the thing is why did Evelyn die? Did someone murder her? Well that is what Aiden Bishop is there for, to seek out the truth.

19 years ago, Thomas Hardcastle died, rumour has it that he died at the hands of his Dad’s best friend Charles, but no one was ever convicted.

19 years on and the Hardcastle’s through a party on the anniversary inviting the same people.

Aiden Bishop wakes up every morning in the body of one of the guests, using their status and resources he must uncover the truth about Evelyn. Every night at 11pm Evelyn kills herself, it looks like suicide, but it can’t be because Aiden would not be here otherwise.

Once Aiden has figured it out, he must tell the plague doctor and if he is right then Aiden will be released.

With the footman roaming the forest trying to kill his other hosts and other rivals who are competing against Aiden, will Aiden solve the mystery of Evelyn Hardcastle?

This book feels like something out of a Cluedo game! Who killed Evelyn? Was it the butler? Was it the parents? The plot was different to any book I have read; however I have watched a similar story-line in a film.

I really enjoyed this book but at time confusing and repetitive but only because Aiden wakes up with no or little memory when he transfers from body to body and has to leave himself little notes. The ending was slightly confusing for me, however I did not mind this as it made my brain work that bit harder which was weirdly nice.

I would suggest creating a mind map so that you can keep track of the characters and the plot.

At times I felt like Aiden was a bit slow on the uptake and kept willing him to hurry up his investigation but once he got into it, there was no stopping him.

Therefore, The Seven Deaths of Evelyn is an all-round intriguing book, that will keep you guessing and wanting to find out more. Each time Aiden swaps character you find out a piece of information that keeps you wanting more. Thank you, Stuart, for writing such a great book.

The Seven Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle also has a great message and reminder that everyone deserves a second chance.


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