The Third Wheel by Michael J Ritchie

Dexter is a lonely English teacher, who enjoys being single! Surrounded by his closest friends who are coupled, he starts to begin to feel a bit lonely when he attends one of the friend’s wedding and when he sees his ex-Georgina one thing leads to another…. But then aliens land and they do not seem to be friendly. It turns out being single may save Dexter’s life.

Soon Dexter and his friends are on the run from the Aliens, what do they want? Can they keep running likes this? As the Aliens seem to ransack a city and then move on, Dexter begins to question what are they looking for. Could they be looking for resources?

This plot is really action packed, entertaining and funny. Dexter the main character is the one telling the story and he tells it in a humorous way. He has little nicknames for his friends for example Jay and Kay – JayKay. We can also see that Dexter has a good quality of life, for example he works during the day and most of the time he can hang out with his friends, however occasionally activities like clubbing and be difficult and rarely happen; one of the downsides of being single.

Every other chapter Dexter tells us the story of how he met his friend and the other chapters are the present, what the aliens are doing and how they are surviving.

This book is similar of course to Wars of the Words and Independence Day but the Aliens and characters are very different and creative.

A great entertaining, Sci-fi book!

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