Children of Blood and Bone by Tomi Adeyemi

Children of Blood and Bone

“They killed my mother, they took our magic, they tried to bury us. Now we rise.”

Zelie remembers a time where magic ran through her people’s veins. It was a happy time where the village thrived. But Zelie also remembers the night it was taken. When the King’s soldiers raided the village and killed her mother and many people to stop magic.

Years later and Zelie bumps into a unlikely ally who says she needs help to bring my magic. Now Zelie has a chance to right the wrongs. Can she really bring magic back?

After reading many series, I was ready to find my next read but I was stuck. What do I read next?

I did some research and saw that Children of Blood and Bone had been nominated for an award. I read the description and thought I would go it a try.

The book itself is very long – 531 pages! It took me a few days to read this, not because it was long but also I felt it was quite slow at times. Yet once I got into the thick of it, there was no stopping me.

The chapters are short, which meant I could put it down and pick it up . The chapters are also from the perspective of the main characters: Zelie, Amari, Inan and Tzain. Each time we get to know about them a little bit more which is nice, especially the crown prince. Will his travels change his mind about the people he is meant to protect but instead kills?

The author Tomi Adeyemi wrote this book to highlight racism. And how black people were treated. They were shot, mothers and fathers ripped from their kids and more. Tomi felt helpless but thought she might be able to help with this book. Give it a read and see what you think.

I really enjoyed reading this book, although it was long it feels like the right size. The ending I felt was a bit abrupt, but I am hoping that Tomi was write a sequel.

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