Born Under Fire by Rina Z Neiman

Born Under Fire, follows the story of Shula and her family. It is 1928 and they have managed to escape the clutches of Hitler! Escaped from Poland to settle in the safe place of Israel.            

 Shula and her family are close and live near each other until one day Leah has had enough. After one too many violent outbursts from her family, Leah decided she needs to go back to Poland to look after their father. Who is still living in Poland.

After being settled for a couple of years, it appears no one is safe from the wrath of Hitler as a bomb goes off in their house and as Shula’s brother eventually prepares to go to war, they begin to wonder if anywhere is safe.

If there is one thing Rita can do well it is telling a story. In the first couple of chapters she sets the scene with Shula family. I get the impression that they are a close tight knit family as we learn of the different characters and what they get up too.  This book is a brilliant read and I really enjoyed following the story of Shula and her family.

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