What You See is What you Get by Alan Sugar

When I think of Alan Sugar, the TV Show. The Apprentice springs to mind.

A ruthless businessman who is good at what he does. Well, he must be as he’s got the money to show for it.

I knew Alan made his money back in the 70s but did not overly know how. I knew he was in computers but I wasn’t sure what his involvement was.

I came across Alan Sugar book when I was sorting out my husband’s massive book pile. It mostly consisted of business books as that is what he is interested in.

The cover of the book looked interesting and as it was nice and thick (over 600 pages) I was very interested to see what Sir Alan had to say.

Indeed Alan did have a very interesting life and one book is not enough to cover all. When he came into the world he was greeted by his parents and brothers and sisters. He was the baby of the family, his parents were in their 40s when he was born.

Learning how Alan made his money, I was convinced that he was a born salesman. As clearly showed when he was growing up. He didn’t have an easy life but he stuck at it and worked hard. Coming from a council house back ground.

He shared his success, his downfalls and of course some personal information about his family. For example his daughter married Mark Baron from boy band ‘Another Level’ and his niece played Roxy in Eastenders.

Sir Alan spoke honestly and truthfully about everything that went on in his life.

I did get tired of this book as it was so long. But something made me carry on. I needed to finish and find out what else Alan had been up too! Sometimes the way he would go on about technology, computers and chips confused me a little, however I got the gist of it all and understood what was happening.

A great story but it may take you a while! (It took me 7-10 days!)

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