Lessons I’ve Learned by Davina McCall

Hostess of various TV shows. TV personality Davina McCall is always happy and smiley when we see her. Success and life seems to have been kind to her. However she reveals all in this book, including some parts which weren’t so good.

Although this is an autobiography. This book is based on Davina’s lessons. Her success and her downfalls. She tells us what she has learnt for making mistakes so we don’t have to!

Davina was born on 16th October 1987. Her Dad was English but her Mum was French. At 3 years old her mother left her with Davina’s grandmother and went back to France.

Despite this she still went off to see her Mum in France. Whom she would describe as a wild child. Florence (Davina’s Mum) had Davina’s older sister at the age of 16. So it is thought that she missed out on nights out and tried to make up for it.

He Dad she saw regularly who kept her feet firmly on the ground. However Davina did reach rock bottom but managed to return to the top, where she was granted roles like Streetmate, Big Brother. I won’t say too much otherwise I will have told you the whole story!

Davina’s McCall Life Lessons is easy to read and interesting. It is not too bad on length but you will become so addicted . You will finish it in no time!

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