Eve 2.0 The Ultimate Gaming Experience by Winter Lawrence

Gamer Gwen is a brilliant gamer. It is how she met her current boyfriend Pete, well I say met..it’s an online romance. Pete lives in a different state but they talk most evenings.

But when her 8 year old neighbour Ben and Pete both fall into a coma. Gwen starts to think a game is responsible. Is she right?

The doctors cannot figure it out but when Gwen discovers Ben had opened her post from Pete. Suspicions starts to creep over her.

Pete’s Dad is a gamer, he is always letting Pete and Gwen test out his new games. Nonetheless he told Pete to stay away as this game was quite specialist. Did Pete listen.?

Gwen is not happy when she has to keep Ryan. Her neighbour, ex boyfriend and Ben’s older brother company. . But when Gwen falls into a coma after putting on the equipment. It’s not long before Ryan follows. Where they find themselves sucked into a game…

Can Ryan and Gwen find Pete and Ben in time? Will they complete their aim and beat the game?

Well what a different and refreshing story line. This is a Young adult novel and I can see why it would appeal. The storyline reminds me of Jumanji 2. But the missions andgoale are different.

The book has several chapters. Gwen or Teddy as she sometimes known as. Tells the story from her point of view. Other times it is her Dad. The book is easy to read and the author has a knack for writing descriptions.

Winter Lawrence brought the book to life for me. Although I am hanging in suspense as at the end I felt like I was in a Marvel film. You know where the credits end and you sit and wait for this little bit of preview for the next film. It grabs you by suspense and then you find out you have to wait a year or two for the film to make it into the cinema world.

Well, that’s what Winter did, she wrapped it up and then added a suspenseful scene.

I am delighted to have read that there will be a second book and I for one cannot wait!

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