An Extra Shot by Stephen Anthony Brotherton

Freddie and Jo-Jo are back! In the first book we see Freddie and Jo-Jo reunite after 35 years.

With feelings quickly resurfacing Freddie asks Jo-Jo to give him another chance but sadly Jo-Jo says it is too late.

**If you haven’t read the first one- don’t read on! Spoiler alert ***

The first book ended with Freddie at the train station. Where he thought about throwing himself under a train. Luckily he is saved by his friend Jack who convinces him to persuade Jo-Jo to rekindle their romance.

He rents out a cottage and asks Jo-Jo to come with him to see if they can be together. Just for a few days to see what it is like. Will Jo-Jo go with him or is it still to late?

Things were going well until Jo-Jo drops a bombshell – will this ruin their relationship? Can they both forgive and forget?

I think this book is much better than the first. The characters are established and I feel that Freddie’s character improves a long the way. He seems very nervous and a bit of a wet blanket but he gains confidence as he goes through the book.

Here we find out more about Freddie and Jo-Jo life. Again in different perspectives. We begin to find out why Freddie never called and how Jo-Jo met her husband. Plus much more. Things begin to tie in a bit more and the story line becomes clearer.

The story drags out over three books in total but because the chapters are short. The plot is still interesting. I did not get bored at all reading this book and felt myself wanting to read it as quick as I could. However I now have to wait patiently for the third book to come out!

Definitely give An Extra Shot a chance!

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