Another Shot by Stephen Anthony Brotherton

After 35 years Jo-Jo feels it is time to lay her ghosts to rest. Before she emigrates to New Zealand with to be with her daughter Amy and her family.

Freddie promised to call Jo-Jo but he never did and Jo-Jo has always wondered why. They fitted well together and loved each other.

However after 35 years apart, Freddie agrees to meet. Old feeling begin to resurface and it is clear they both still love each other. Will they both give it another shot?

The story is told from different perspectives. At different points in their lives. Jo-Jo talks about life before Freddie, and life with Freddie. Freddie does something similar but each has different stories to tell.

I did enjoy this book but I did feel that the ending was a bit too abrupt. I think it was made to be left open as a cliff hanger. Because afterwards I discovered a sequel! However at the time I was thinking what the…? Ending it as it did opened up many questions for me and I was glad that there was a sequel. Otherwise some parts did not make much sense at all.

Therefore I recommend this book but have the sequel on hand so you are no thinking what the..!

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