Fugly by Claire Waller

18 year old Beth is an internet troll. She doesn’t mean to be. Life has worn as down and after a few bad events in her life. Trolling gives her pleasure to take perfect girls down a peg or two.

Beth’s upbringing was normal until her Dad left, her Mum became ill and Beth was bullied about her weight. Taking refuge in her room, Beth indulges her food pleasure as well as her love for internet trolling. After all it is just words isn’t it? No-one takes this seriously right?

However when Beth meets her partner in crime online and they wreak havoc together. Beth witnesses first hand at the destruction she could cause. For the first time she realises she was wrong. Her partner in crime does not share the same view, can Beth stop her in time and can she do so without telling her friends she was the troll?

A great story about bullying. To remind us that trolling and bullying can hurt us deeply. And should not be tolerated.

The main character of the story is Beth – she talks about trolling and why she likes it. It’s a nice change to hear the point of view from the bully. And I do feel a bit sorry for her.

This book is rated suitable for young adult. Please be aware that there is a little bit of wearing in this book.

Moral of the story – be kind.

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