The Girl in the Tree by Şebnem İşigüzel

A girl climbs the tallest tree in Istanbul, Turkey. She has had enough of life and decides she will live in this tree until she dies.

Despite wanting to forget her past, she recounts her memory in various flashbacks. Where we discover what has happened and why she wants to live in the tree.

However there was one thing she did not count on – a boy who works nearby spots her in the tree. As time goes on the two create a great friendship with an amazing bond. Will she ever decide to come down from the tree?

I chose to read this book as I found the cover and description very attractive.

Unfortunately this book was not my cup of tree. I could not get on with it. I found the chapters long. And the main characters just waffles on and repeats herself various times.

I tried to read the whole book as I thought it might get better. Which it did but the repetitiveness and the waffling put me off. I felt some of the content didn’t even need to be there. As it was information we didn’t need to know.

Despite this, this book has a lot of potential. And could be someone’s cup of tea. If you can put aside the waffling and power on through. Then the flashbacks are a joy to read. She slowly begins to reveal her story of her past. And we begin to understand why she wants to live in a tree.

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