#NotReadyToDie by Cate Carlyle

A shooter shows up at Southwestern High School. No-one in the school is safe. Teachers desperately trying to keep the students safe. Locking doors as soon as they can unless it is too late of course.

The students of Homeroom sub wait quietly under the table. What’s going on? Where is the shooter? Will they get out alive?

The story is centred around Ginny. One of the students from Homeroom sub. She reflects on an argument with her Mum. Which seems insignificant now. Wondering how they will all make it out of here alive and if her best friend Owen is OK. Ginny strikes up a unlikely friendship with one of the girls.

Ginny knows one thing though – it will change their lives forever.

This book is suitable as a Young Adult – it does not focus on guns or the shooter but how the students cope. It is an emotional read as the story flashes back through past and present. We are kept up to date with tweets and texts. Which also keeps the students up to date with what is going on.

#NotReadyToDie also teaches us that sometimes we judge too quickly. Unfortunately sometimes we are too quick to make our minds up about someone. And if we took time to get to know them. We might find that we have more in common than we think. As Ginny found out with “Barbie.”

The title #NotReadyToDie is a good one that appeals to the author’s target audience – young adults. She uses the modern day hashtag, which also occurs through the novel.

I did expect a bit more action but the point of the story was to show how students would cope in that situation. This happens in American quite a lot which is quite scary to see.

I would recommend this book as it is a beautiful plot. However please make sure your child is ready to read something like this. As it can be quite emotional and hard hitting.

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