Jailbird by Caro Savage

An undercover police officer was getting somewhere in infiltrating a drugs ring but then she is suddenly murdered in a unique way – scalped.

The question that rings in her police friend Bailey’s mind is why was she murdered? Was her cover blown or was she just in the wrong place at the wrong time?

When Bailey is asked to go undercover she does not hesitate. Alice was her friend and she needs to find out what happened. #Justicefor Alice.

Bailey knows she has to work quick and with her years of undercover experience. She fits in like a jigsaw puzzle.

Will Bailey find out what happened to Alice? Will she take down the drug ring?

I requested to read this book off #Netgalley. Because the synopsis was unique and different. The whole book was set in a prison which intrigued me.

Although Jailbird was a great page turner. I felt that Bailey’s mission was completed relatively quick. She found the gang very quickly. Which I guess shouldn’t be much of a surprise as she has had plenty of experience in the field.

Despite this I was drawn to find out how Alice was murdered and why. This part was unpredictable, causing lots of suspense.

Jailbird has a lot of brilliant twists and turns. Which make you second guess things.

I do wonder if we get to see Bailey again but in a different under cover scenario?

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