Strange Exit by Parker Peevyhouse

Earth is damaged and cannot be saved but we can! 17 year old Lake has secured herself on a ship. The one designed to save the human race. And the one designed to tell them when it is safe to go back and begin to re build the world. But that time has not come…

Lake does not know how long they have been on the ship for but she does know one thing if she doesn’t wake everyone up she is not going home! To do this mission Lake has to delve into the VR simulator. There is a chance that she may get stuck as you cannot always tell what is real or not. After all it was designed to feel real and be realistic.

I was not too sure about this book when I first starting to read it. It felt similar to ones I had read but then there was a shift in the plot. Everything is not as it seems!

We find out that Lake is actually in a VR simulator trying to wake everyone from their slumber. And bring them back to the ship. However no-one knows about from Tauren and Ransom that she is doing this as she conceals her identity. Can Lake get everyone to the ship before it is too late?

After a few pages into reading Strange Exit, I was hooked. I really enjoyed the storyline. A completely different take on the sci-fi genre! Remind me a bit like Wally but without all the up to date tech!

Lake was a great character and I enjoyed getting to know her along with Tauren. But I didn’t know much about Ransom. They was a play on his character was he real or not real. I couldn’t work it out. I would have liked his character to be better developed and find out what he was doing in the sim.

I really enjoyed reading Strange Exit but found that the ending let it down. For example what happened to Tauren?

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