A shooter shows up at Southwestern High School. No-one in the school is safe. Teachers desperately trying to keep the students safe. Locking doors as soon as they can unless it is too late of course. The students of Homeroom sub wait quietly under the table. What's going on? Where is the shooter? Will they... Continue Reading →

18 year old Beth is an internet troll. She doesn't mean to be. Life has worn as down and after a few bad events in her life. Trolling gives her pleasure to take perfect girls down a peg or two. Beth's upbringing was normal until her Dad left, her Mum became ill and Beth was... Continue Reading →

Hostess of various TV shows. TV personality Davina McCall is always happy and smiley when we see her. Success and life seems to have been kind to her. However she reveals all in this book, including some parts which weren't so good. Although this is an autobiography. This book is based on Davina's lessons. Her... Continue Reading →

The Boy in Striped Pajamas is a sad story based on the concentration camp, Auschwitz. Bruno and his family lived in a lovely house in Berlin. It had 5 floors and they had maids, and other people to help. With household chores. Yet Bruno arrives home from school. To discover he has to move house.... Continue Reading →

Born Under Fire, follows the story of Shula and her family. It is 1928 and they have managed to escape the clutches of Hitler! Escaped from Poland to settle in the safe place of Israel.              Shula and her family are close and live near each other until one day Leah has had enough. After one... Continue Reading →

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