Born Under Fire, follows the story of Shula and her family. It is 1928 and they have managed to escape the clutches of Hitler! Escaped from Poland to settle in the safe place of Israel.              Shula and her family are close and live near each other until one day Leah has had enough. After one... Continue Reading →

Children of Blood and Bone “They killed my mother, they took our magic, they tried to bury us. Now we rise.” Zelie remembers a time where magic ran through her people’s veins. It was a happy time where the village thrived. But Zelie also remembers the night it was taken. When the King’s soldiers raided... Continue Reading →

It is 1962 in Mississippi. Black people are maids for white people to help raise the children and household chores. But they are not trusted not to steal anything. Black people must use their own bathroom. Some white people believed that coloured people could pass on diseases. Coloured people must live in their own areas,... Continue Reading →

Dexter is a lonely English teacher, who enjoys being single! Surrounded by his closest friends who are coupled, he starts to begin to feel a bit lonely when he attends one of the friend’s wedding and when he sees his ex-Georgina one thing leads to another…. But then aliens land and they do not seem... Continue Reading →

Thank you to Shelley at Niche Travel Design for nominating me for the Liebster Award! It is an honour to be nominated for such a great award! When I write my posts I often worry that people will not like my posts but knowing I have been nominated helps my confidence and faith in my... Continue Reading →

Best friends Michelle and Tamsin are inseparable and are more like sisters than friends, which is why when someone claims that Michelle husband Patrick has a reputation for sleeping around; Tamsin sticks her nose in where it does not belong. Being close to Patrick and Michelle, Tamsin could not have it out with them, in... Continue Reading →

Miranda meets Bridget Jones   The Date my Daughter campaign was in full swing on the London Underground, thanks to Kate's mother. Kate was horrified, especially as the picture she used was one a mother would love. It wasn't like she was old, she was only 29, an accountant living in London. Yes meeting a... Continue Reading →

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