Recently my daughter had a book fair at her school and if you know me very well you will know that I was very excited!

However nothing really seemed to engage her,( apart from the animal stationary of course) and although the selection was ok, we found it hard to find a suitable book that she and her brother would enjoy.

Then we came across this Minecraft sticker book – definitely, a big hit in the house as my two are mad crazy on Minecraft.

Excited to get it home, the children loved this book. Being autistic books like this are great as they are full of simple activities and facts; for example, amongst the stickering little tips and tricks were told to help us improve our game.

Minecraft Sticker book features pages of endless sticking fun, simply read the instructions (or ask an adult to help) and sticker away. Follow the recipe to create things like fishing rods, find out all about the different potions and characters.

The only thing we found hard was that the stickers were not numbered so it could be difficult to find the correct block/sticker for that specific page.

Therefore, the Minecraft sticker book is good for creative children, plenty of stickers, tiny bit of writing and lots of pages for imaginatively stickering.

If your child is an aspiring Astronaut, then this is the book for them.

The book is jam-packed with things you need to know about space and has over 70 flaps for you and your children to lift.

The first page of the See Inside Spacecraft and other Space stations novel is the contents on the left-hand side with a list of 1-15 different categories. Subjects like what’s a space station, early spacecraft, the International Space Station and Mission to Mars among others can be found in this book. The rest of the page starts off with the first page ‘What’s a space station.’

It is full of engaging pictures, colours, information and flaps, with this book there will not be a dull moment and will give hours of fun reading.

It is also interesting for the adults too as there is information that we may not know, for example, I did not realise just how big the international space station is!

My children love reading this book, they are both autistic as well, so at times it can be hard to get them to read but facts books like this are a winner. The flaps help to keep them interested. Occasionally some of the information can be a bit long for them but I tend to just summarise.

See Inside Space stations and other Spacecraft book is a hardback so you do not need to worry if your kids are a bit heavy-handed as it cannot be destroyed easily.

The author has researched this well and has used a space expert – Libby Jackson to ensure what she has written is correct.

The book is suitable for children aged 6+ – however, if your child is younger and adamant, then they may enjoy looking at the pictures, pointing out parts and lifting the flaps.

Usborne also provides a few internet links, which means that once you have completed the book; you can extend your research and find out more online.

A fantastic children’s book all about Space

Andy and Terry are back with their fourth book in the treehouse series.

They have been working hard and have successfully added another creative 13 storeys to their treehouse. Andy and Terry now have a ninja snail training academy, life-size snakes and ladders game and a high-tech detective agency.

It’s Andy’s birthday and he is..well we don’t actually know. Andy is in the process of telling us, but he gets distracted and forgets to tell us.  He’s hoping that Terry has planned a big surprise for him, unfortunately, Terry has forgotten, and Andy tries to jog his memory.

However, when pages 34 appears without no Mr Big Nose calling them on the 3D Video Phone, the boys get concerned. Luckily, they have a high-tech detective agency so the boys get to work on the Mystery of Where Mr Big Nose is.

Andy and Terry are hot on the tail but along the way Jill is found sleeping in her house, she has been put in a deep sleep – a new mystery for the boys to solve.

The boys put Jill in a glass coffin and set off to find a Prince to give Jill the kiss of life, however, en route they find Vegetable Patty whose mission is to kill all the vegetables. Can Andy and Terry stop Vegetable Patty? Will, they find Mr Big Nose and awaken Jill?

But the biggest question of them all is will they get their book to Mr Big Nose on time?

The 52 Storey Treehouse is another fantastic, adventurous read. There is never a dull moment in that treehouse (I would hope not with 52 floors.)

The treehouse series are very good for children, the text is short enough to be engaging and not long enough to be boring. The illustrations are just as funny, making it a truly, engaging book. The author is obviously very creative and imaginative. I wonder what Andy and Terry get up to in the next book; The 65 Storey Treehouse

The 52 Storey Treehouse is the fourth book of the treehouse series and you can buy them individually or as a set. I personally recommend getting the set as the adventures are unique, funny and appealing.



Unicorn Embroidery Kit

When my friend posted that Usborne has released some embroidery kit, I knew I had to try them out. They looked really good and would make fabulous gifts for birthdays or Christmas.

The kit comes in a small box with all the parts, included are a needle, 3 lots of different coloured thread, embroidery hoop and the cotton fabric containing the design, and a book explaining everything.

The book contains a step by step guide on how to thread the needle, how to do different stitches and a new one on me was the French knot! Can you tell I don’t do much embroidery?

The design is how it looks in the box and it is a great introduction for children to get started. The book is very simple and the design is quite basic.

I found the instructions very easy to follow, occasionally the thread did get stuck and I had to pull on it a bit harder to get it through but apart from that it all went swimmingly.

Unicorn embroidery kit is suitable for children aged 7 upwards, however, they still need adult supervision as the hoop is slightly fiddly and the needle is quite sharp and even I as an adult managed to stab myself a couple of times!

Although the kit is primarily for kids, don’t let you as an adult stop you from doing some. It’s very basic so you do not have to think about what you are doing and can be quite therapeutic.

Therefore, this kit makes a great gift or treat. It’s simple and easy to use and it is a great way to introduce your children to a new hobby.

The third book in the 13 Storey Treehouse Series

Welcome back Andy and Terry with yet another jam-packed book full of adventures!

They have both been very busy adding another 13 storeys to their treehouse! The new floors include an active volcano – the only way to toast those marshmellows to perfection. The World’s scariest rollercoaster, followed by Jet Propelled Chairs and plenty more.

This time Terry invents a special machine that will help them get their book to Mr Big Nose on time, but when the machine kicks them out, how will Andy and Terry get back in time to complete their book?

We say hello to some new characters including Bill the Postman (he died in the last book in the Maze of Doom but mysteriously turns up) and Professor Stupido who uninvents everything.

Prepare to laugh out loud for the next instalment of the series, where do they come up with their ideas.

In the 39 Storey Treehouse,  Andy and Terry break down the fourth wall and talk to us the audience. It is a nice touch as we begin to feel like part of the book. A unique invitation to an amazing treehouse! There is also a bit of repeition as well but that is not a bad thing as it will be remembered well.

The 39 Storey Treehouse is very funny, the ideas and what the boys get up too are far from realistic, but it works. A great way to engage children and ensure they pick up and read a novel.

I highly recommend the 39 Storey Children for any children aged 6-9. This is the third book and I thought I would get bored as there are 7 novels in total based on the same idea, but I am not. I’m very intrigued as to what will happen in the next book; The 52 Storey Treehouse!

A funny, creative, imaginative read.




Andy and Terry are back with their second book. This time they a built 13 more storeys onto their treehouse making it 26 floors in total!

The new floors include a skate ramp with a crocodile pit hazard, a maze of doom so complicated that people have never finished it, a mud-fighting arena, and plenty more! Wow, that sounds amazing, doesn’t it?

Andy and Terry set to work on their novel, this time they decide to tell us how they met. Andy tells the tale of a boy who lived far away in a tall tower. His parents would not allow him to do anything because it was dangerous until one day a fire in the bedroom caused Terry to inflate his underpants and land him safely in the water. These self-inflating underpants saved his life. Terry was relaxing in the water when suddenly a boy on a peddle boat stopped by him; it is Andy!

Halfway through the story Terry interrupts – it’s the sharks, they are sick because they ate Terry’s underpants!

In Chapter 4 we hear Jill’s story of how she rescued all of her animals and her encounter with Captain Woodenhead.

Are Terry and Andy able to help the sharks become well again? Does Jill’s tale end happily?

The 26 Storey Treehouse is very creative and engaging. The idea is to get children more into books and reading. The ideas are funny, a bit out there and realistic.

However, they also try to appeal to the adults, as the adults must read it too; for example, they have an ice cream serving robot named Edward Scooperhands (obviously from Edward Scissorhands)

Therefore, I would recommend The 26 Storey Treehouse to children aged 6-9 years old. The book is very funny, text and illustrations. The sentences are not too long either. The book is told from a point of view of a child, which the children who are reading can identify with.

An enjoyable read for children. The 26 Storey Treehouse is the second book out of 7, you can buy them individually or as a set. I am looking forward to finding out what Andy and Terry get up too in the next book – The 52 Storey Treehouse.


I love Usborne Books as they are high quality and keep my children engaged. They might be a little bit pricier but in my eyes, definitely worth it.

My two children are autistic and sometimes getting them to read is a challenge; which is why the Usborne reading series is perfect.

Usborne has a great reading programme designed to help and encourage children to read. Series one is for a beginner, series 2 for the more confident reader and so on.

We have books from the reading series 1 and 2, there are lots of titles to choose from and the sentences are short but sweet; which is just what my children read.

Don’t get me wrong, there are some great books out there but my children struggle with the long sentences.

In books such as Pirate Pat, the idea is that you read one page and then your child reads the other, the words are simple; such as ‘tap tap tap’

The illustrations are also colourful and interesting.

The books we have are

The Wish Fish

A man goes fishing and pulls out a magic fish that will grant him 3 wishes. His first wish was to be rich, his second to be richer and the next one to be even richer. However, the fish saw that the man was being too greedy and took back the wishes, making them poor again. Moral of the story is to not be greedy.

The Genie in the Bottle

A man was fishing when he came across a bottle, he opened it and a genie appeared. The genie had been stuck in the bottle for some time and was rather rude. The man tricked the genie to get back into his bottle.

The Whale and His Throat

One day a whale went around and ate everything, until one day he ate a man. The man jumped up and down and banged around until the whale said he would release him. In the time it took the whale to get to land, the man had made a filter out of his raft and left it in the Whale’s throat. Now Whale would not be so greedy.

The Dragon and the Phoenix

An old tale, a dragon and a phoenix find a pearl. One day it is nicked and the Queen of Heaven took it. The Phoenix and the dragon confronted her but it fell into the river making it shiny. Both the dragon and the phoenix lay around the river to protect the pearl.

The Enormous Turnip

A farmer notices that the turnip has grown massively and thought it was time to take it out. However, it would not come out and he needed assistance from lots of people and animals to help get it out.

Usborne Books has plenty of titles for you to choose them and are designed to help support your child when learning to read.

Usborne books run a great school programme too, for example, if you were to hold a sponsored read at your school, then you could raise lots of money for books for your school’s library!

You can buy the reading level series one and two in a box set, Track down your nearest Usborne Books organiser local to you.

Is knitting becoming a long-lost art? Both my Grandma and Mother learnt when they were at school and I could not help but feel a little bit jealous as the items they have made, are gorgeous.

I tried to learn when I was young but as a leftie, it was quite challenging.

My daughter came up to me and asked if I could teach her to knit animals. I had to be honest and say I didn’t know how to knit, which is when I came across the Children’s Book of Knitting By Usborne Books. Usborne is well known for their high-quality books and when I discovered it I jumped at the chance to order it through my friend.

I received the book quickly and my initial impression was that it was good value for money. It came with a book, knitting needles, wool, stuffing and googly eyes. It can be hard to purchase items at a good price but I think £12.99 was worth it.

I could not wait to get started and so I opened the book to read the instructions. The book has a step by step guide, with words and pictures to guide you through. I like this way as it is simple and easy. It took me a bit of time to master the step as I couldn’t fully understand what I was being asked. I had to ask my Grandma and Mum to show me and that didn’t go down well to start with – see my Youtube video:

Once I mastered it I was well away and I was able to create a beautiful, yellow bunny, quite similar to the picture – mine was looking a bit on the thin side!

Therefore, I would recommend the Children’s book of Knitting for ages 8 plus, with adult assistance. It is fun but it did take me about 8 hours. It does help for the adult to have a tiny bit of knowledge of knitting, however, it is like those crisps once you start…

The best place to buy the knitting set is through your Usborne Organiser- it is very likely that there is one in your town or village.

If you are struggling to get your child to read, definitely give them this book to read! The 13 Storey Treehouse is one of 7 books that will keep your child entertained and engaged.

Terry and Andy live in one of the coolest treehouses ever. It has 13 storeys with anything they could possibly want including a bowling alley, swinging vines, a machine that fires out marshmallows into your mouth whenever you are hungry, a man-eating shark tank and plenty more.

After a visit from Mr Big Nose,  (who is waiting on Terry and Andy’s new book) the boys set to work on writing their novel, however a  series of events including a Catnary, an encounter from a mermaid and giant sea monkey; prevents them from completing the book. Will Terry and Andy be able to get their book to Mr Big Nose on time?

The 13th Storey Tree House is one of the best books I have read this year. The content is so creative and out of the box. The illustrations are just as funny as the text and help to keep the children thoroughly engaged as pages of plain text can get boring.

Andy and Terry are so funny and have many amazing ideas. The books can be brought as a set or individually, so go on and treat your children to these magnificent novels!

As soon as J.K Rowling announced that she would do another Harry Potter book, the world was in turmoil! We couldn’t wait to get our hands on it.

It took me a while to purchase this book as I was unsure of what it would be like –was it going to be the same? What could happen that would be unique? Is Harry Potter past his sell by date?  Read on to hear my thoughts.



This is it






Platform nine and three- quarters



Where are they? Are they here? Maybe they didn’t come?


Harry points out RON, HERMOINE, and their daughter ROSE. Lily runs up to them.


Uncle Ron. Uncle Ron!!!


RON turns towards them as LILY goes barrelling up to him. He picks her up into his arms.



If it isn’t my favourite Potter.



Have you got my trick?



Are you aware of the Weasleys’ Wizard Wheezes certified nose-stealing breath?



Mum! Dad’s doing that lame thing again.



You say lame, he says glorious, I say… somewhere in between.


It has been 22 years since Harry Potter and his team defeated Lord Voldemort at the battle of Hogwarts. Everything is much more peaceful now; Harry Potter is now an employee of the Ministry of Magic, a husband and a father to 3 school age children. His youngest son Albus struggles with his “famous” family history as he begins his time at Hogwarts and becomes friends with someone you would least expect. As he struggles to understand his father, Albus finds out some interesting information and decides action should be taken but he is young and does not realise that the past is the past for a reason.

I was shocked to see that there are so many bad reviews for Harry Potter and The Cursed Child. I thoroughly enjoyed this book but could see a lot of flaws; however, I do not think it is as bad as people have made out. Of course, it was never going to live up to the other Harry Potter books as they were good.

The story

I was very intrigued by this book as I thought to myself what else could J.K write? Will it be similar or different? I am pleased to say I found the storyline unique enough to finish the book. I just love her imagination, for example, the trolley witch who never lets anyone off the train.

As the book is a script version, it took me a little bit of time to get used to it. It’s easier and quicker to read as the descriptive writing is not there.

We still have our favourite characters – Ron, Hermione, Ginny and of course the story would not be a bit weird without him – Harry Potter. However, I did feel that there was a lack of other characters; for example, we don’t know what happened to Ron’s Parents, staff at the ministry of magic; although I had assumed they had retired. We hear that it’s 22 years since Voldemort and that peace is restored – I would have thought that there would still be rebels around; even Draco Malfoy is a good boy!

The story focus’ on Harry Potter’s third son and we hear very little about his other children. I like to think that this book sets the scene for more to come

Therefore, despite these flaws in the book, I enjoyed the story itself. The other Harry Potter books were so good that this one was always going to be the hardest to write; especially with the hype. I think that you and your children will enjoy but will feel let down when the storyline is cantered around a couple of characters.

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