Recently my daughter had a book fair at her school and if you know me very well you will know that I was very excited! However nothing really seemed to engage her,( apart from the animal stationary of course) and although the selection was ok, we found it hard to find a suitable book that... Continue Reading →

Andy and Terry are back with their fourth book in the treehouse series. They have been working hard and have successfully added another creative 13 storeys to their treehouse. Andy and Terry now have a ninja snail training academy, life-size snakes and ladders game and a high-tech detective agency. It’s Andy’s birthday and he is..well... Continue Reading →

  Unicorn Embroidery Kit When my friend posted that Usborne has released some embroidery kit, I knew I had to try them out. They looked really good and would make fabulous gifts for birthdays or Christmas. The kit comes in a small box with all the parts, included are a needle, 3 lots of different... Continue Reading →

The third book in the 13 Storey Treehouse Series Welcome back Andy and Terry with yet another jam-packed book full of adventures! They have both been very busy adding another 13 storeys to their treehouse! The new floors include an active volcano – the only way to toast those marshmellows to perfection. The World’s scariest... Continue Reading →

Andy and Terry are back with their second book. This time they a built 13 more storeys onto their treehouse making it 26 floors in total! The new floors include a skate ramp with a crocodile pit hazard, a maze of doom so complicated that people have never finished it, a mud-fighting arena, and plenty... Continue Reading →

  I love Usborne Books as they are high quality and keep my children engaged. They might be a little bit pricier but in my eyes, definitely worth it. My two children are autistic and sometimes getting them to read is a challenge; which is why the Usborne reading series is perfect. Usborne has a... Continue Reading →

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