Midsommer Murders eat your heart out! Damian Penrose is murdered at the annual Crime Writing Festival. It is like a crime writers dream come true. Many theories begin to circulate - how was Damian murdered? There was only one way into the baths and one way out. With a receptionist at the front who did... Continue Reading →

  Matthew Cave, a budding journalist gets handed the scoop of the century! A man is found mummified frozen in ice! Matthew's editor wants him to break the story immediately but a series of events prevents him from doing this for a while and Matthew ends up on a completely different story. In 1973 four... Continue Reading →

Andrew grabbed Harry’s shirt collar. ‘Look closer, Harry. Use your eyes! See…’ he started, then gave up and sank back on the pillow. ‘See what?’ Harry persisted, but Andrew had closed his eyes and was waving for him to stop. Inger Holter – a young Norwegian girl has been murdered and Norway’s best detective Harry... Continue Reading →

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