The Boy in Striped Pajamas is a sad story based on the concentration camp, Auschwitz. Bruno and his family lived in a lovely house in Berlin. It had 5 floors and they had maids, and other people to help. With household chores. Yet Bruno arrives home from school. To discover he has to move house.... Continue Reading →

Born Under Fire, follows the story of Shula and her family. It is 1928 and they have managed to escape the clutches of Hitler! Escaped from Poland to settle in the safe place of Israel.              Shula and her family are close and live near each other until one day Leah has had enough. After one... Continue Reading →

It is 1962 in Mississippi. Black people are maids for white people to help raise the children and household chores. But they are not trusted not to steal anything. Black people must use their own bathroom. Some white people believed that coloured people could pass on diseases. Coloured people must live in their own areas,... Continue Reading →

The True Story of Lale Sokolov Lale Sokolov – a Jew living in Slovakia; arrived at Auschwitz Concentration Camp, in April 1942. He gave himself in, hoping that his family would be spared; unfortunately, only his sister survived. When Lale arrived at the camp, he saw how awful people were being treated, some people were... Continue Reading →

At the age of 7, Rachel was taken from her family and sent to live on Kalaupapa, on the remote Island of Moloka’I, here she was sent to die as she had contracted leprosy, but her life was just beginning. Rachel Kalama had a happy childhood; her father was away at sea a lot and... Continue Reading →

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