I received this book for my birthday as I might have a bit of a Norwegian obsession….ok ok I do, a big one. I can’t tell you why but I can tell you it is something that I have to do.

I’m not great at languages; I did French for 5 years and barely scraped through. I can tell you the basics like hello, the bedroom, some foods and occasionally other French words. I can sing you a song and swear in Polish! Not useful words I know, especially as I will never use them, but I am determined to be fluent in at least one other language! More so because of my life list (bucket list) so!

This is where Mystery of the Nils book comes into play. To learn the language, I was using Duolingo, a great tool, however, I wanted something a bit more. I didn’t have a clue about the structure of the Norwegian language and grammar. I really do want to be fluent in Norwegian at some stage.

The mystery of Nils is based on a very basic story, which is designed to help you read in Norwegian.

As the story goes on it begins to get more intriguing. The authors of this book are Norwegian teachers, so you can rest assured that what you learn is true.

Erna, gives her 8-year granddaughter a special gift for her birthday, a doll that is inspired by the mythical creature Nisse. Nils was very happy with his few families, settling well in Oslo until an unforeseen accident happens and Nils sees just how much Erna cares about him.

The novel starts with the first page in Norwegian, on the right there are some words to help us uncover the story by ourselves. However, this book is not just a story, it’s a workbook too! Learning Grammar can be a bit of a headache, well no more with this book! There are many different exercises that will assist you in learning adjectives, verbs and much more.

During your journey with this novel, you will find relevant vocabulary, a great story and more help online. You will also find revision tips and ways to ensure that you will remember your Norwegian!

The Mystery of Nils is perfect for those beginners who are learning or would like to learn Norwegian.  The book is very engaging, full of things to do and pictures and although is 192 pages, there is a lot to do. I am only halfway through it myself!

Are you thinking about taking a trip and you would like to be down with the lingo? Or perhaps you are thinking about taking up a new language?

The Norwegian Phrasebook and Dictionary is the perfect companion for beginners. The book is full of phrases to assist you when out travelling or learning. However, as they all speak English, it is not essential to learn but I think it doesn’t hurt to learn parts of their language to really experience Norway and their culture.

You may think that learning the Norwegian language is not a popular thing to do as people generally go towards countries like Spain and France, however you may be pleasantly surprised to learn that there is a huge demand and that there are many Facebook groups, online tutors, online courses and many YouTube videos too.

Despite other resources, I found this book very useful, it’s pocket-sized so If I am unsure I can whip it out at the touch of a button!

The Norwegian Phrasebook and Dictionary begins on the inside front cover with the basics on the left-hand side, followed by a colour coded contents on the next page; this helps you skip pages if you need too.

The book covers many topics including getting around, money, travel, basic language such as how are you, food and drink, going out and plenty more.

It is also set up very simple and easy to understand for example English is on the left, Norwegian on the right and under the Norwegian in a light blue is the breakdown of how to pronounce it.

You will also find other block text of ‘you will hear’ phrases that are popular answers that you might hear, along with beautiful pictures of Norway.

Therefore, the Norwegian Phrasebook and Dictionary is great for beginners who are travelling or learning, it is simple and easy to learn.

Every purchase of this book comes with a free app that you can download with a special code. It’s the same as the book but you can listen to some of the pronunciation instead.


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