An undercover police officer was getting somewhere in infiltrating a drugs ring but then she is suddenly murdered in a unique way - scalped. The question that rings in her police friend Bailey's mind is why was she murdered? Was her cover blown or was she just in the wrong place at the wrong time?... Continue Reading →

Midsommer Murders eat your heart out! Damian Penrose is murdered at the annual Crime Writing Festival. It is like a crime writers dream come true. Many theories begin to circulate - how was Damian murdered? There was only one way into the baths and one way out. With a receptionist at the front who did... Continue Reading →

A shooter shows up at Southwestern High School. No-one in the school is safe. Teachers desperately trying to keep the students safe. Locking doors as soon as they can unless it is too late of course. The students of Homeroom sub wait quietly under the table. What's going on? Where is the shooter? Will they... Continue Reading →

  Matthew Cave, a budding journalist gets handed the scoop of the century! A man is found mummified frozen in ice! Matthew's editor wants him to break the story immediately but a series of events prevents him from doing this for a while and Matthew ends up on a completely different story. In 1973 four... Continue Reading →

Murder Mystery meets Scooby Doo Nate and Sara are on their way to Regano to get married. On the way, they stop off at a diner, where a man who looks really ill, begs them for a life. He says he will pay them £500 for a lift as he is desperate; the storm is... Continue Reading →

Everyone loves Oliver, he’s kind, caring and successful! His wife Alice is also lovely, together they work very well. Oliver is an author who writes children’s books and Alice is an illustrator. She has illustrated plenty of Oliver’s books. To the outsider, they have a perfect life. One day Oliver hits Alice when news of... Continue Reading →

‘Maria, there’s something I need to-‘ She cut me off as soon as I began to speak. ‘Leave me alone,’ she said in a low cold voice without looking up from her bag. ‘No, I know, but please-.’ ‘I said, leave me alone.’ This time she did look at me, hardening her face, determined not... Continue Reading →

Charlie and Grace have been best friends since Charlie moved into the area. They have a lot in common as Charlie lives with her Mum and Grace with her grandparents, together they were inseparable. Until one day Charlie left a note and left ‘I have done something terrible Grace, please forgive me.’ Grace lay pondering... Continue Reading →

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