Best friends Michelle and Tamsin are inseparable and are more like sisters than friends, which is why when someone claims that Michelle husband Patrick has a reputation for sleeping around; Tamsin sticks her nose in where it does not belong. Being close to Patrick and Michelle, Tamsin could not have it out with them, in... Continue Reading →

Miranda meets Bridget Jones   The Date my Daughter campaign was in full swing on the London Underground, thanks to Kate's mother. Kate was horrified, especially as the picture she used was one a mother would love. It wasn't like she was old, she was only 29, an accountant living in London. Yes meeting a... Continue Reading →

Book 3 of the Noughts and Crosses series The story picks up from where it left off. Callie-Rose is a bit older now and we welcome back the old characters  - Sephy, Meggie, Jasmine and we see the introduction of some new characters. As Callie-Rose gets older she starts asking questions about her Dad, who... Continue Reading →

The True Story of Lale Sokolov Lale Sokolov nee Ludwig Eisenberg. Was born in Korompa in 1916. He was a Jew living in Slovakia. Arriving at Auschwitz Concentration Camp, in April 1942. He gave himself in, hoping that his family would be ok. Unfortunately, only his sister survived. When Lale arrived at the camp he... Continue Reading →

Ever since Jenny-May Butler went missing, Sandy has been obsessed with finding mislaid things, so much that she ends up running a missing person’s agency. Jack Ruttle’s brother Donal has been missing for over a year, desperate to find answers he enlists Sandy to find Donal. Through late night phone calls, Jack and Sandy’s relationship... Continue Reading →

At the age of 7, Rachel was taken from her family and sent to live on Kalaupapa, on the remote Island of Moloka’I, here she was sent to die as she had contracted leprosy, but her life was just beginning. Rachel Kalama had a happy childhood; her father was away at sea a lot and... Continue Reading →

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