A shooter shows up at Southwestern High School. No-one in the school is safe. Teachers desperately trying to keep the students safe. Locking doors as soon as they can unless it is too late of course. The students of Homeroom sub wait quietly under the table. What's going on? Where is the shooter? Will they... Continue Reading →

18 year old Beth is an internet troll. She doesn't mean to be. Life has worn as down and after a few bad events in her life. Trolling gives her pleasure to take perfect girls down a peg or two. Beth's upbringing was normal until her Dad left, her Mum became ill and Beth was... Continue Reading →

The Boy in Striped Pajamas is a sad story based on the concentration camp, Auschwitz. Bruno and his family lived in a lovely house in Berlin. It had 5 floors and they had maids, and other people to help. With household chores. Yet Bruno arrives home from school. To discover he has to move house.... Continue Reading →

Children of Blood and Bone “They killed my mother, they took our magic, they tried to bury us. Now we rise.” Zelie remembers a time where magic ran through her people’s veins. It was a happy time where the village thrived. But Zelie also remembers the night it was taken. When the King’s soldiers raided... Continue Reading →

Happy Birthday Roald Dahl Well, I could not let this day go past, without celebrating one of the most talented, creative and famous author that is Roald Dahl! And today he still seems as popular as he was when I was growing up. Born in 1916 in Wales to Norwegian Parents, Roald would be 102... Continue Reading →

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