Andy and Terry are back with their fourth book in the treehouse series. They have been working hard and have successfully added another creative 13 storeys to their treehouse. Andy and Terry now have a ninja snail training academy, life-size snakes and ladders game and a high-tech detective agency. It’s Andy’s birthday and he is..well... Continue Reading →

  Unicorn Embroidery Kit When my friend posted that Usborne has released some embroidery kit, I knew I had to try them out. They looked really good and would make fabulous gifts for birthdays or Christmas. The kit comes in a small box with all the parts, included are a needle, 3 lots of different... Continue Reading →

Murder Mystery meets Scooby Doo Nate and Sara are on their way to Regano to get married. On the way, they stop off at a diner, where a man who looks really ill, begs them for a life. He says he will pay them £500 for a lift as he is desperate; the storm is... Continue Reading →

The Final Book in the Noughts and Crosses series.   Jasmine and Jude were both killed by the bomb Callie-Rose had made in order to protect Callie from becoming a terrorist. Jude’s heart had become full of hatred and the only way to save Callie was if he wasn’t around anymore. Meggie was heartbroken but... Continue Reading →

Book 3 of the Noughts and Crosses series The story picks up from where it left off. Callie-Rose is a bit older now and we welcome back the old characters  - Sephy, Meggie, Jasmine and we see the introduction of some new characters. As Callie-Rose gets older she starts asking questions about her Dad, who... Continue Reading →

Book 2 of the Noughts and Crosses Series I couldn’t believe it when I discovered that there had been a sequel to Noughts and Crosses – you are only 15 years too late Louise! I previously encountered Noughts and Crosses as a teenager and I thoroughly enjoyed it. It was really good to revisit it... Continue Reading →

The True Story of Lale Sokolov Lale Sokolov nee Ludwig Eisenberg. Was born in Korompa in 1916. He was a Jew living in Slovakia. Arriving at Auschwitz Concentration Camp, in April 1942. He gave himself in, hoping that his family would be ok. Unfortunately, only his sister survived. When Lale arrived at the camp he... Continue Reading →

Charlie and Grace have been best friends since Charlie moved into the area. They have a lot in common as Charlie lives with her Mum and Grace with her grandparents, together they were inseparable. Until one day Charlie left a note and left ‘I have done something terrible Grace, please forgive me.’ Grace lay pondering... Continue Reading →

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