Murder Mystery meets Scooby Doo Nate and Sara are on their way to Regano to get married. On the way, they stop off at a diner, where a man who looks really ill, begs them for a life. He says he will pay them £500 for a lift as he is desperate; the storm is... Continue Reading →

‘Maria, there’s something I need to-‘ She cut me off as soon as I began to speak. ‘Leave me alone,’ she said in a low cold voice without looking up from her bag. ‘No, I know, but please-.’ ‘I said, leave me alone.’ This time she did look at me, hardening her face, determined not... Continue Reading →

Cynthia is throwing a party for her husband Graham, adults only; no children allowed. When Anne and Marco’s babysitter called to cancel at the last minute, Anne was fine with staying at home but Marco insisted that she should come to the party. ‘Remember what the doctor said.’ Marco explains that he and Anne are... Continue Reading →

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